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Our Family Helping Yours

About Our Law Firm

For over 20 years the attorneys at Madden & Tufano, LLC have been fighting for our clients.  At our firm we understand that you have been injured, are in pain and that you will likely never be the same again. We understand that this not only affects you, but your family and loved ones; and that all you want to do is get back to the way you were before the injury.  Some law firms view you as one of many clients and as a commodity, but not as a person with legal needs.  Because we understand and appreciate all of this, we commit ourselves to your legal needs.  We like making a difference in people’s lives.  In fact, our greatest complement is when existing clients refer us to their friends and family.  We really stand by our motto:  it truly is our family helping yours.

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Cases We Handle

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"Our experience with the firm has always been excellent. Ann explains things in a way you understand and takes her time when you have suggestions or concerns. I would highly recommend the firm to anyone and if they do not do that line of work they will refer you to someone who can. They are a great and friendly practice. You won't have a bad experience with them."

Candace Patterson

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