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Estate Planning

Cherry Hill Estate Planning Lawyers

Estate planning essentially involves the drafting of legal documents with the purpose of effectuating your wishes upon your death. Many times, it also involves structuring those wishes so as to reduce the taxes that the estate and/or the beneficiaries have to pay. For many of us, it is a topic that we do not like to think about for the obvious reasons. Not only are we dealing with money, but our own mortality. However, poor or lack of planning can significantly impact your loved ones leading to dispute between relatives as to property and guardianship issues as to minor children.


Often times, estate planning is something that we keep telling ourselves we will get to when we have the time. Unfortunately, when the need for estate planning arises it is often too late. Accidents and sickness happens that can deprive us of the ability to prepare the necessary documents to provide for our loved ones.


Not only is planning necessary, but you need an attorney that knows what he is doing and can properly prepare documents that will effectuate your wishes whatever they may be.

"Our experience with the firm has always been excellent. Ann explains things in a way you understand and takes her time when you have suggestions or concerns. I would highly recommend the firm to anyone and if they do not do that line of work they will refer you to someone who can. They are a great and friendly practice. You won't have a bad experience with them."

Candace Patterson

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