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Slip and Fall Accidents

Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Lawyers

In a slip fall accident, the injured person must prove that the defendant either created the condition that caused the person to fall, or that the condition existed for such a long period of time, that the defendant knew or should have known of the problem long enough before the fall so that the property owner could have taken care of the problem. A common issue in these types of cases is whether the injured person did anything wrong in causing the accident by failing to look out for his or her own well being. The property owner will argue that had the injured person been paying attention to where he or she was walking, he or she would have seen the condition and avoided it.


There of course may be legitimate reasons why the injured person may not have been looking in the direction of the hazard. For example, stores work very hard to attract customers to the items on their shelves, and a customer’s attention could have been distracted by the stores’ marketing attempts.

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