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**Case results may vary depending on your particular facts and circumstances.***
Case Results: Client
$1.25 Million Accident Settlement

$1.25 million settlement in Federal Court for an individual receiving Social Security Disability who lost his lower leg in a motor vehicle accident with the United States Post Office.

$1 Million Motor Vehicle Settlement

$1 million settlement for a woman who was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident after we were able to find an additional $900,000 in insurance coverage.

$480k Shooting Death Case

$480,000 settlement for a shooting death case of a young college man without employment and dependents.

$277k Wrongful Death Settlement

$277,433.45 settlement for the death of a woman with preexisting lifelong and life threatening medical issues, who died more than a month after being cleared to be released from the hospital.

$750k Motor Vehicle

$750,000 settlement for womand injured in an accident with minimal property damage necessitating lower back surgery.

$300k Motor Vehicle Accident

$300,000 settlement - insurance company paid full policy limits after initially offering half of the amount for a client who sustained herniated discs in a motor vehicle accident.

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