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Owning your own business is simultaneously nerve racking and rewarding. Its success and failure rests solely on your shoulders and you would probably not want any other way. However, if your business is going to be successful, then you will need to properly establish yourself for tax and liability purposes to shield your personal assets. You will also need to create and/or review and revise various contracts, including lease agreements, sales agreements, employer agreements, confidentiality agreements, independent contractor contracts, non-competition agreements, etc.


All of these agreements have the potential of changing your business for the better or worse depending upon how they are prepared. While your business may have nothing to do with the law, you must consider all of the legal implications in order to succeed

"Having Ann deal with a couple of my cases, I find her hard working and her professionalism extraordinary. She is friendly, personable and sympathetic to your situation. She is prompt in updating you on your case. She is honest and straight forward on your options, and I respect and understand her opinions and advice. Ann has my full confidence and trust, and would have no one else fight and protect my interests. Thank-you Ann."

Mike Smith

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