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Criminal Matters

Cherry Hill Criminal Lawyers

Municipal and criminal matters can range from a simple traffic offense to more serious matters. Regardless, the matters will require at least one court appearance before a judge and prosecutor. In more serious cases, the hearings are several before a trial is ultimately scheduled. An attorney can be the difference between a light or no sentence and some serious consequences. Additionally, an attorney will expedite the process because of the court and prosecutor's willingness to communicate with counsel. Without an attorney, your constitutional rights may be seriously jeopardized.

"When I lost my son I thought my whole world ended. I've never experienced that type of pain in my life. No one had answers, and the police were left clueless with suspects. I worried day and night about receiving justice for my son's cold case homicide. During my time of need there was one person who stepped up to the plate and demanded that myself and family would receive justice; his name is Ciro Tufano. He never once doubted that he would bring me justice and closure. He was extremely empathetic, patient, and an overall friend throughout the process. I trusted him with my life and he delivered. There aren't too many people in this world that would take a nonexistent murder case and turn it into a well-crafted success story. On behalf of my family, we sincerely appreciate, love, and endorse Mr. Tufano as an Angel sent from the heavens to save a broken family."

Angela Gibson

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